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It is very important to know how the brain of our kids function as 90% growth of a child’s brain takes place between the age of 0-6. In today’s era, the importance of early childhood education has been increased which helps children to increase their brainpower. At first it is very important to know The functions of RIGHT and LEFT Brain. Brain Boosting Activities help to keep the synaptic connections active. 

5 Significant Brain Boosting Activities for your child!


1. Blocks

Copying and Building Patterns – 

How to play?

Take colour blocks and build a pattern. Ask your little one to copy and make the same pattern. The different ways of point of view will help the little one develop many aspects of the Brain

Skills like creativity, pattern recognition and building, problem-solving and analytical skills, and visual perception are developed at such early age.  

Building blocks


Neurobics are activities or mental tasks designed to stimulate the brain and help prevent memory loss.

Neurobics can be performed by Non-dominant hand, using both hands, crossing the midline, and so on. Exercises like this will help children in boosting the right brain. 

It’s a combination of physical and mental exercises that uses all five senses. It helps in Memory boosting, concentration, ambidexterity 

Happy child

3:- Ispy/ Treasure hunt

Treasure hut is a game everyone knows. While playing this with your toddler try a treasure hunt with clues and a lot of movement. This involves
Critical thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving, gross motor, logical reasoning 

4:- Obstacle course

I think obstacle courses are great for kids. They encourage thinking and problem solving. Also most of the obstacle courses require lots of physical movement which is so hard to achieve these days. Create simple obstacle courses using household supplies, and increase the complexity with creative obstacles for older kids.

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