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Music experiences in childhood can actually accelerate brain development, particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Learning to play an instrument can improve mathematical learning and even increase scores. 

When children are Dancing to music this helps them to build motor skills plus they can practice self-expression. For children and adults, music helps strengthen memory skills. 

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Today we are going to talk about how music can help your child in the early years. With all the benefits that we know Music is of tremendous importance in the early years. Even if you (Parents) do not have that spark in Music or even if it is not hereditary.  

1. Music can help in Brain Development.

Particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skill Music helps in concentrating and the specific beats and also helps in Recalling eventually increasing Memory power.

2. Mind-Body Co-ordination

 Music ignites all areas of child development, including intellectual, motor, and language. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. . That is the reason why many schools start with teaching a song to a child instead of specific words. Children tend to react naturally listening to the songs which helps them by being physically Active.

3. Boosts IQ and how ? Let’s see 

Music can boost one’s overall IQ. Research has shown that learning to play an instrument or learning to sing a song, or even listening to mindful music can have a lasting effect. When a study was conducted, children who took piano lessons for one year, coupled with consistent practice, saw an IQ Score as high as three points.


4. Music helps in Maths !

When children learn to play instruments or read sheet music, they are improving their maths ability. Children who play instruments score higher as a whole on their math tests.

While playing an instrument won’t create a math genius, it can help to reinforce any natural talent your child has in that department. Not only this but Finger Play is a fun music activity to practice maths with young learners. A blog on Finger is coming up soon. Stau tuned

Answering the most important question now – How does Music impact my child? 

Whether they play an instrument or simply listen to music for their own enjoyment, it can have a profound impact on your child’s life. While your child will benefit from it in many different ways, the sheer happiness they might get from it is reason enough to introduce it to them at a young age.

Music is a mood lifter. A lot of parents tuck their children in with a lullaby or calm them down with a song. Just as music can soothe a child, it can also lift their spirit. More and more, music therapy is being used to complement more traditional forms of medicine. Researchers acknowledge that certain types of music can aid relaxation by lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

Hope you found this helpful. Stay tuned for more such amazing information for your little one. Do not forget to follow us on Instagram and YouTube.

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