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What is photographic memory ?

Photographic memory is usually understood as Eidetic memory. . But that is absolutely not true. To start with let us understand the difference between the both.

Photographic memory is the ability to recall, absorb and retain the exact image for a longer period of time. It is often confused that Photographic memory is 1 in a million case but that is not true if your child is trained for it from first.

Eidetic memory on the other hand is total recall memory to recall an image from high memory precision for a short period after seeing the image once.

Let us understand both of the concepts through some fun examples. 

1- Big Bang Theory 

Do you remember Sheldon cooper? Well yes, he had a photographic memory. He use to see the chemical equations and remember them with exact details. Attaching the youtube link of the same for reference. 

Well, that was the example of what photographic memory is . Remembering every single detail . Isn’t that amazing ? We have amazing techniques to enhance your little one’s Photographic memory so read till end. 

2- Remembering the exact sequence of series till the work is accomplished is called Eidetic memory. Let me give you a short reference.

You tell your little one the following instructions:-
a- Go to the kitchen
b- Turn left
c- Open the 3rd cupboard 
d- Pick up the small spoon 
e- Bring it back to me.

I am sure without missing a single step your child will do the following, but will he be able o remember the same sequence after 90 Days? Probably no. So this is called Eidetic Memory. 

The ability of photographic memory is linked with high Intelligence. 

Now, why does this exactly happen? That the children remember each flashcard you show only for 1 sec? 

The eyes of the children work as camera and the image is clicked in their brains. Do you know about synaptic connections? Read it here if you don’t. In short, we perform all these activities to stimulate these connections. Now that you know let’s see how can we stimulate the synaptic connections of small children.

Have you read the famous Book series of Cam Jansen? The way cam used to say “click” and store a picture in the mind and solve the case by Photographic memory? with his best friend Eric?
That all seemed fiction right? Well, it is not fiction now you know why.

Now how exactly can we enhance the Photographic memory in children?

1- Flashcards 

There are 3 types of Flashcards :- 

Bit cards:- These cards are for Encyclopedia knowledge.

Word cards:- For Language knowledge

Dot cards:- For mathematical knowledge.

Mandala Activity is one of the Right Brain Development Activities. It helps in boosting the memory power and helps to improve and retain the Photographic Ability of Babies and Toddlers.
To read more about mandala activity click here.

3:- Photoplay 

Photoplay is the most loved activity of children who use BrainCells. In this activity, children get to see a common background for 5 seconds. And there are a few elements on it. After 5 Seconds place the elements you saw. See the reference image :- 
Image from:- BrainCells App

Step 2:- Show this for 5 seconds and ask your little one to place the elements where they were. 

Benefits of Photographic Memory :- 

  • 1 – Increased level of Imagination and Creativity.  
  • Cognitive Development 
  • Increased level of Observation and Awareness 
  • Learning and Comprehension Skills 
  • Escalation in Learning Interest.
  • And Long Term memory Ofc.

We have 102+ activities to enhance memory and right brain education. Click here to know more. 

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