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Baby is crawling

Introduction to Motor Skills.

“Motor skills” start developing in babies as young as 11–12 months of age. “Motor skills” are an important part of gross motor skills and should be developed early on. 

If you have a baby, you must act soon to help him/her develop gross motor skills in your child at the right time. Locomotor skills form the basis of sports and leisure activities that a child takes part in as he/she grows up, hence these skills are very important. To know what exactly Motor skills means is of great importance, Let’s start right away. 

Meaning of Motor Skills

Motor Skills means the basic ways of movement and coordination that form a foundation for the physical health of the kids. As mentioned above, locomotor skills are a part of gross motor skills which begin to develop in children after they turn one year of age. Walking is the first gross motor skill that develops in a baby, and soon others follow too. There are 2 Types of Motor skills – Fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine Motor skills include basic hand movement-happens before month 11. Gross motor skills include hand movement, building big muscles.(This includes walking) 

3 Top Motor Skills to encourage the "Walking of toddlers".

Gross motor skills involve using large muscles in a coordinated way. Learn about these important skills and how you can help further develop them in your child. 
The emergence of walking, for example, signals an infant’s growing autonomy and expanded opportunities for environmental exploration, perceptual learning, and social interaction.

Gross motor skills are foundational skills that involve bigger movements using large muscle groups – arms, legs, feet, and trunks – to move the body. With practice, children learn to develop and use gross motor skills so they can move in their world with balance, coordination, ease, and confidence!

Examples of gross motor skills include sitting, crawling, running, jumping, throwing a ball, and climbing stairs. Even the first time a baby lifts his head is an example of a gross motor skill.

There are lots of fun and simple activities you can do with your child to help develop gross motor skills. These include:

1- Playing active games together, such as jumping rope, hopscotch, tag, and hide-and-seek.

2- Helping your child go down slides, climb ladders, or pump legs on the swing at a playground.

3- Teach your child to toss, catch, and kick using balls of different sizes.

Gross motor skills


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