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Mother and child
Mother and child


Mandala Activity promotes the development of the Right Brain and helps in boosting memory. Every child is unique and flexible, to allow themselves to emerge into beautiful young spirits. With the same aim, Braincells have come up with a very fun activity. Here are the two ways one to perform with a toddler and another to perform with a baby, but before going into the process. Let us understand the importance of mandala activity in detail.

Importance of Mandala Activity

Mandala Activity is one of the Right Brain Development Activities. It helps in boosting the memory power and helps to improve and retain the Photographic Ability of Babies and Toddlers.
It stimulates and strengthens the right brain and helps to retain the recalling ability of the right brain. 
Different colors attract the children and help them develop the power of remembering. 
Now you all must be wondering if this can be played in an easier and simpler way? Well of course YES. 
In Addition to easier way, Braincells has this activity online, which means less mess and more play 🙂 
Let us see the correct way of playing it . 

How to perform Mandala Activity with Children?

Step 1 :

Take 2 Mandala cards – One colorful and another Black and White . Start Mandala with 2-3 shapes and colors. 

Step 2 :-

 Show the colored image to the child for 5 seconds.
( 5 seconds are more than enough to process and absorb the image for children ). This is the original image from braincells activity.

Step 3 :

After 5 seconds, present a black and white image, colored pens/crayons, and ask the little one to color the image the same way he saw it in the first place. Don’t allow children to go back and see the picture, this will help to increase their retention power. 

Mandala activity

Step 4 :

Now it’s time to check if the colors marked on the B&W  image match the colored one. Increase the complexity eventually by adding more shapes and colors to the Mandala cards.

However, if the child doesn’t match the same color appreciate the creativity and keep practicing. 

How to perform Mandala Activity with Babies ?

Step 1 :

You need 2 colorful Mandala cards with different images 

Step 2 :

Show the colored image to the child for 5 seconds.

Step 3 :

Show both the colorful cards to the baby and ask the baby which one they saw earlier.

Here’s a short video of a cute girl performing Mandala activity on braincells application. Don’t miss the end :)) 

Hope you enjoy this activity with your child. 
Happy Parenting , bye :)) 

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