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Want to Know Interesting, fun, easy Riddles for Children? Let’s get into it!

Most kids have a natural aptitude for the type of thinking riddles require and will surprise you with how well they tackle a Confusing Riddle. 

The best riddles engage a kid’s natural problem-solving skills and make them laugh along the way. These 5 funny riddles and answers for kids — ranging from easy to hard — are great for kids of all ages to solve and have fun while doing these.

1 – It belongs to you, but your friends use it more. What is it?

Ans :- Your name 

2-What has to be broken before you can use it?

Ans :-  An Egg

3-I’m the father of fruits. What am I?

Ans:- A Papa-ya 

4- You’ll find me in Mercury, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, but not in Venus or Neptune . What am I?

Ans:- The Letter “R”

5-Four legs up, four legs down, soft in the middle, hard all around. What am I?

Ans:- A bed 

Many of us can agree that the triumph that comes with solving a tough riddle is a feeling like no other. And chances are, your child will love riddles too!

There are plenty of reasons to introduce riddles to your child. Riddles are a great way to stimulate children’s minds. Plus, they’re a fun activity to keep kids occupied and learning at home. 
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Happy Parenting!

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