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Outdoor activity

Is your child getting enough sun? Outdoor games encourage children to play in the sun more. Sometimes, you want games that your child can play by themselves. Other times, you want backyard games for the little one. Playing indoors every time has the possibility of slacking the toddler out. And hence going out getting sunshine and being social is important too. Post covid we can now take the toddlers out and play different games or activities. 
So without wasting any time let’s see Outdoor activities and games for Toddlers

5 Fun activities for your little one :- 

  • Hopscotch 

Hopscotch is the best way of getting toddlers involved in a fun and physical activity. Hopscotch isn’t some new game, Even we have some memories tied with this game. 
All you need is chalks. 
How to play:- Make a hopscotch grid with the chalk on the ground Number each square from 1 to 10. Call out a number and help your child count and jump to that square. This is an enjoyable pre-schoolers game. Hopping and jumping make this activity more fun! And moreover, the basic knowledge of mathematics is implied automatically 🙂

  • Passing the Ball

Passing the ball is one of the most enjoyable activities for toddlers. 
To play this game start by taking a short distance between you and your little one and throw the ball softly. As he/she becomes aware of the game increase the distance and builds confidence.

  • Limbo

How to play this party game?

Two people hold either end of a two-meter length stick/rope at chest height.

They should hold the stick in cupped hands so that it will fall easily if touched.

The children take turns going under the stick without touching the stick, bending their knees and leaning as far back as necessay.No hands may touch the floor.
This will be easy at first but with each round, the stick gets lower.
Anyone who falls or touches the ground with their hands is out. Fun Right? 

  • Don’t touch the ground 
Outdoor activity

Balloons are the favorite, bright toys of little ones. To play this game you need 3-4 balloons and give them to your child. throw the balloons up in the air and ask the little one to tap them and don’t let the balloon touch the ground.

  • Hide and Seek 

You can play this game in a park, garden, and even on your lawn, where there are trees and other such hiding places. One can bring in a few changes by asking your kids to call out the name of the seeker as the kids keep changing their hiding places. Hide and seek also helps in cognitive skills. 

These are not just activities you should know, Go play with your little one and see the sweet bond indulging. 
Happy parenting :))

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