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It is very important to know how the brain of our kids function as 90% growth of a child’s brain takes place between the age of 0-6. In today’s era, the importance of early childhood education has been increased which helps children to increase their brainpower. At first it is very important to know The functions of RIGHT and LEFT Brain. 

How does the Right brain functions?

Left Brain is in charge of the following things:-

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Language 
  3. Short Term Memory 
  4. Limited storage of Information 
  5. Works under stress 
  6. Requires Focus 

Right Brain is in charge of the following things:-

  1. Emotions 
  2. Creativity
  3. Long term memory 
  4. Store Unlimited Information
  5. Rapid processing of Information 
  6. Works when Relaxed
  7. Likes Play and Movements 

Right Brain activities improve Fast Learning and Photographic Memory in children. so let us now get into the top 5 RB Activities.

Top 5 RB Activities and how to play it!

1- Memory Game 

Step 1:-
Choose a category and take pictures of items from the category, for example, category- flowers- images of rose, jasmine, lily, etc.
(Tip:-Start with the categories which are familiar to the child and then go to the new categories.)

Step 2:-
        Start with 5 cards show cards
in a sequence from left to right for 5 seconds. Then remove the cards. 


Now ask the child to put the cards in the same sequence.

To increase complexity, Increase the number of cards. This game helps in boosting the memory power of a child.

2:-Who is the Guest? 

Select a category like country flags or any of your child’s Intrest.

Flash 5 cards one after the other fast
1Second per card is more than enough for your child to Remember and Absorb.


Then take them away from the child’s eyes and add the 6th card. Now place all the cards in front of the child and ask the child to identify the new card.


3 – Trace It 

Step1:- Draw any such Structure on the right-hand side or (Dominant hand side of the child)


Ask the child to draw a mirror image on the other side using a nondominant hand. Set the complexity according to the child’s age.

4- Fast Flash Cards 

Fast Flashcards is just like a memory game. But over here you have to show 5 cards to the baby per second, YES You read it right 5 Cards per second, It is just a matter of time and your baby will remember all of those with sequence.

5- Linking Memory 

Arrange 3-4 Pictures of any theme and ask your child to create a beautiful story linking the pictures. This will help enhance their imagination and inbuild strong creativity power.

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