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Introduction to Sensory Play

Sensory play is the activity that stimulates children’s senses. We at Braincells give enormous Importance to Sensory Play as it is directly connected to brain development.

Most sensory plays focus on stimulating the touch, sight, and hearing senses because they are more accessible.

Activities that can provide a sensory experience to stimulate other senses are also important although less common when people talk about sensory play.

In the previous blog, we divulged the importance of Sensory Development and elaborated more about The 5 important Senses. In today’s Blog, we’re going to discuss unique Sensory Play Activities to start with your child’s Sensory Development. But before that let us understand the Benefits of Sensory Play

What are the Benefits of Sensory Play?

Engaging your child in sensory play helps prepare them for life ahead. Let’s review the benefits of sensory play and its role in brain development. Read on for ideas of creating easy sensory activities for your kids.

Sensory play includes just about any activity that stimulates a child’s senses through new and exciting experiences. Research shows that sensory play in the early years of child development helps build neural pathways that will be needed for more complex learning tasks as your child grows. 

Overall, the benefits of sensory activities for early childhood development are well-established. Sensory play also supports language acquisition, cognitive development and problem-solving, social interaction and emotional skills, and both fine and gross motor skill development. While expanding their own skills and capabilities, kids also start to develop knowledge about objects and materials in their surroundings.

Furthermore in this blog, we list some of the favorite sensory activities for children and toddlers across all senses of the human body and also explain how each activity works and which areas of sensory development receive the greatest benefits.

5 Fun sensory play activities

1-Finger Painting  

Finger Painting gives your child the opportunity to be creative in their own way, without any Rules followed by us or the society.

This activity helps the children to create awareness of sight and texture and Touch. Sense of Vision is created via choosing colors.

This activity also develops Motor Skills, Coordination and Creativity Skills. 

2 - Water Play and Splash

When your baby is in the bath, provide squeeze toys, cups, and containers to splash around with. 

Bath time is perfect for introducing your baby to new sensory activities. With squeeze toys, they get to work more hand and arm muscles, and they will be highly engaged watching water splash everywhere. It helps the children determine the difference between Liquid and Solid.

3 - Different color Balls - Sorting / Rolling

This is the perfect play for babies between the ages of 4 to 6 months. Children of this age can reach for objects. Play with balls of different colors and textures. Show the baby how to roll, drop, and bounce a ball. This helps develop motor skills like grasping and passing objects between their hands. Eventually building muscle strength.

This activity can also be played in a different way. 

Sorting the colored balls  in different bowls will help your children identify the colors and will help in building a strong logic base in initial years. 

4- Sound toys

Toys that make noise and are color are very vital for children. At this age, they need to develop their hearing ability. Colorful toys and sound toys stimulate their senses in a fun and engaging way. At braincells we have 120+ different activities for you children to develop their Right brain and Holistic development.

5-Explore And Discover

Just like we discovered the colorful balls and sorted them in buckets according to colors, the same way we can hide a few different shapes in a plate filled with rice grains and ask the children to find them. This helps your toddlers to understand the texture the taste the sight and what not? So isn’t this fun and easy to do at home? 

Getting to the end

So let us know how did you find this and did this help your children to have fun?  In the Braincells application, we have 150+ activities to help develop the right brain development of your children in a very fun way. To know more enroll for the masterclass now. 
Happy parenting :)) 

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