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children and nature

Fresh air and time in nature – Who doesn’t want this? As we all know the importance of being in nature feeling the fresh air, being able to sleep well, and whatnot? Today we are here focusing on fun and easy play activities for your child and spending quality time. Without wasting any more time let us start.

6 Fun and Easy Nature Activities for children.

1:- Leaf-Tree matching 

Take different kinds of leaves gather around 8-9 and ask your little one to match the leaf and the tree.

This will help them in increasing logical reasoning power and of course easy and fun to do. Great for strengthening critical thinking skills and fine motor skills.  

2:- Time Teliing 

If your child is at a stage where he/she can identify numbers this might be a great chance to introduce them to the clock. Paint some Stones with numbers arrange them in a circular motion and introduce them to clock hands with a stick. 

If your child is still processing numbers paint stones with different colours without writing numbers on them ask your child to add and subtract the stones.
Not only stones various other items like leaf, Flowers,Fruits ,Etc

3:- Observation 

Your child observes every single thing happening around. 4. Taking him/her on an auditory walk. Listening to birds chirping, wind moving trees, and insects will actually help them learn a lot. Nature is all about observing skills. Be ready for various new questions. 

If your child is using braincells application or practicing right brain education, Identifying names of the birds /Animals trees is left hand thing for them,So be ready to get shell shocked 😉 

4:-  Clay art 

Take different colours of clay and different types of leaves.

 Ask the child to stamp on different leaves on different clay.

This will help your little one in fine motor skills, grasping, the study of leaves structure, veins

5:- Boost Creativity with Science 

 -Take different types of leaves with visible veins.

-Take a thin paper towel, and put the leaf inside the paper towel with veins on the leaf facing upwards.

-Give crayons to the child and ask them to colour paper towels.

This helps them in fine motor skills,  Knowledge gain- types of leaves and leaf structure, of course, enhances creativity.

6:-Sensory play

As you walk around, peek around under pine trees for cones to use in pine cone palaces or as part of a nature sensory bin. The texture of various kinds of leaves, Wood, and the feeling of the texture of their various treasures will defiantly stimulate the sensory growth.
To know more about sensory play and growth please click here. 
Why is sensory development Important in the early years?

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