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Learning starts at home. Be it reading books, enjoying activities it’s important for parents to actively get involved in child’s growth. Home is the first place where child takes it’s first steps and starts exploring the world. Hence it’s very important that learning should start at home.

Tejasa Potnis our co-founder always says – Child learns new each day & parents are their first teachers.

TIP #1 : Enabling the freedom required and creating the environment of learning : it is very important that as a parent you should inculcate the attitude towards learning from small things. Be it child exploring a toy. Feed him with extra knowledge about the toy vehicle etc.

TIP #2 : Creative Story telling : This my dear parents is the key to enhance child’s creativity and imagination power. Idea is to create a story with vaguely unrelated topics and telling it to the child spontaneously.  Something like – There was a king who ruled the kingdom on moon and where trees grew really fast. Water flew in the skies and roads were made of stars. See the imaginations sparking !

OR another fantastic way

What colour is milk? White. What else is white? Clouds. Where do you find clouds? In the sky. What else is in the sky? Sun. Is the sun hot or cold? Hot. What else is hot? Cooked dal. And so on – Excerpt from An amazing blogpost by –Pooja Chandra | Morning Glorie

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TIP #3 : Sensory Mechanisms :  Use sensory mechanism to your advantage touch, smell, taste all contribute to an experience which enriches learning curve.


TIP #4 : Right Brain Training : Right brain training can start at home. There are simple methods and practices which occupy only 10 mins a day of your time which will enable your child to perceive the information and knowledge in a way that lasts longer and also brings about effective application.

– TEAM BrainCells

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