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Planning to travel with your little one ? Not sure how to keep them busy during the trips ? Without any further ado let me give you some amazing tips ,that'll help you.

1:- Play Linking Memory 

Playing Linking memory is the best solution to keep your child busy while Travelling. 

How to Play Linking Memory while Traveling? 

Ask your child to take a note of every single thing he observes while traveling and ask him to link it with the events happening nearby. For eg:- I see taxis and a huge place. There are many people with bags. So which place was this?
An Airport or a Railway Station?

This is an amazing game and will help the little ones to observe everything and sharpen Memory Power. 

2:- Reading a Book

Reading a book indeed has a lot of benefits. We have amazing blogs on book recommendations especially sorted age-wise.
Click here to read the blogs. 

Don’t forget to carry these books and help your child to stay busy. 

3:- Let them Explore 

The more you try and ask them to keep quiet the more they’re going to deny it. Let them explore and observe where they are, Let it be on a Railway, A car, or a plane. Make sure you talk with them and make them understand the importance of following rules. The more they observe the more they learn. 

Here’s a short story.
Samar – The Son of our Founders was once in a bicycle showroom with his parents. His Parents wanted to buy a Professional Bicycle and Tejasa Potnis – Ceo of BrainCells gave him the freedom of exploring. Within no time Samar started recognizing the cycle parts like (Pulley Wheel) And the owner was beyond shocked that the boy of 3.5 years was able to identify these minor parts of the cycle. 

You see that’s the real power of Right brain Education. and Early Education. 
We define FREEDOM as letting to EXPLORE without restrictions. 

4:- Music

I’m sure you already know the importance of music. If you don’t YOU must click here

Music is the best way to keep children busy while Travelling. If you already know the taste of your child, wow you’re good to go but if you don’t Coco melon is the best way to start with.

5:- Talk to your kids throughout 

Keep talking to your kids throughout to help them ease restlessness during longer journeys. Consider them in making small decisions like ” What to Eat, When to take a break, where to visit, where to stay ” Travelling is a good time to talk about how they feel, Current updates of what happened in school who said what to whom and so on. Travelling is indeed a great time to bond with your children.

Tell us in the comment section:- What all things do you do to keep your child busy during traveling. 

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Happy Traveling 🙂 

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