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Keeping your growing baby active is a cumbersome task. But we are here with 5 Fun and easy activities to keep your child active .


“Every day a new play” becomes a very difficult task for Parents. I think we all need some more motivation to make Activities Interesting. Worry not we are here to introduce you to the top 5 fun activities for your child to make him/her play and grow.  
Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning which eventually helps in their “Right-Brain Development”  says Fred Rogers.

Wondering the best ways to encourage the baby’s growth? Let’s get started . 

Activity Games for your crawling child

1- Build a Tunnel

Coax your little child into scampering through a tunnel by opening the two ends of a cardboard box. Rolling a ball is one of the ways of encouraging him/her to follow it and cross the Tunnel.  A child’s smile is what matters, This is the fun activity where the child learns to explore.

Box tunnel

2- Entice the child with Textures

Sensory play is a natural way for infants and younger children to explore their environments by using all or some senses such as sight, hearing, smell touch, and taste. As they explore the world around them children are indirectly contributing to their development progress. Thus enticing your child with texture can do wonders. Knowing how it helps is important but knowing how to play is the most important.

How to play?

Toss some Different textures on the floor, such as a bath mat(rubbery), soft cotton balls, scrunched paper. This will help your children to Explore. This is one of the sensory activities. 

3- Crawl crashing

Crawl crashing is a very fun activity that helps to make your child quick. This eventually helps him/her to take fast decisions in future life without any extra effort.

How to play?

Get down on the floor with all fours and start crawling from your child, encouraging him/her to come after you. 
Sometimes little ones just need a good example to follow.
Another idea is to get together with other moms and their children for playtime. the children who are already crawling can help show your baby the ropes. This way you can spend a little extra time with your child and grow the interraction.


4- Play Catch

Eye-hand coordination begins to develop from the age of 4 months to 14 months when a baby begins to explore the world around them through hands and legs. Together with visual input and developing fine motor skills a baby begins to grasp and hold objects while fine-tuning these moments as they grow. However, it is important to know how to do this in a fun way!

How to play?

This is an easy fun game, that teaches your child hand-eye coordination. Sit baby on the floor in front of you and roll a ball over to them. Then encourage them to pick it up and throw it back to you. It might take a few tries, but eventually, the baby will start throwing the ball. Not necessarily right at you, but that is all part of the fun and they will keep improving their directional skills over time.

5-Pull Toys

Pull toys seem a little old-fashioned but they promote different aspects of your toddler’s development. Problem-solving, whole-body coordination, and fine motor strength are few amongst all. Let’s get into how to play this game.

How to play?

Get ready for a fun game of cat-and-mouse with your little one in hot pursuit. Zig, zag, and wiggle a pull toy just out of reach to keep the baby on the move. If you don’t have the pull toy, attach the favorite toy of your child to the rope, that’s the trick :)) 

To conclude

We understand that these 5 activities are not enough for our children and so, we have created a holistic application with more fun activities – Physical, Sensory, Linguistic, and much more, You say it we have it. Register for a FREE Master class to know more. Have amazing play time with your toddlers and with braincells you get  more than 120+ activities in all the areas. So what are you waiting for? 
See you there ! 

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