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Language learning activity

What is Language development in children ?

Language skills are essential to a child’s ability to communicate and develop. These skills enable children to engage with other people and learn from their surroundings . This is also essential for cognitive development.

Language skills are about children learning the rules for putting words together in a way that will express their thoughts and feelings and understanding the meaning of both the written and spoken word.

Language development helps in expressing their feelings, understanding the feelings of others, needs, solving problems, communication.

5 Activities to Boost the development of language in your child

  • Riddles 

 Riddles are fun ways to use words and paint pictures of scenes or situations. Read or say riddles aloud to each other and explain to your children the different definitions of a single word e.g. school as in a place of learning or school as in a group of fish to help them understand the riddle better.

  • Readout books for the little one

Reading to your toddler every night is a great way to introduce her/him to new words. Reading simple picture books and revising helps a lot  This can help improve his vocabulary and teach the little one to give accurate responses.

While storybooks provide ample entertainment, sharing stories can bring out a good bonding time with your children while helping develop their communication skills.

Language learning activity
  • Flashcards 

There are 3 types of flashcards, for effective communication or language knowledge word cards are used. Word cards are one the type of flashcard.

In Right brain education, the most important technique is flashcards. Abd to collect and use flashcards comes with a lot of preparation + it needs time, and so we at braincells have made this complex procedure easy to use for you, how? well just log in to Braincells and start playing the activity, within no time you’ll start seeing fantastic results. 

And the good news is that we have foreign languages available to, click and register. 🙂

  • Songs

Aside from building their interest in music, songs also help children learn new words. Lyrics have a sense of rhyme and rhythm so it will be easy and entertaining for them to sing along. Introducing new words that occur in the songs will also help them in building listening skills.

  • What’s in my hand? – Sequence 

Well, this one is for toddlers and well as children, To play this game you need at least 5 items, maybe a book-ink pen-mobile phone, watch. or difficult to name items such as laptop-charger or whatever is handy and new to your child. start showing pictures and ask the little one to say the sequence and arrange it accordingly, you can increase the level by simply adding the objects, this will also help in concentration.

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Happy parenting :))

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