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So we are here today with Fun-4 "Memory-Boosting" Activities for your children. Let's get into it.

Want to increase the memory power of your child? Well, you are at the correct place, Playing the same games, again and again, can be boring, not just for you but also for the little one. See more activities at Braincells.

A - Fill the Basket

Step 1:-  Take an empty Basket and choose any 3 options to fill it with.
(Example:- Toys, spoons, socks)
Tip: (Try to use colorful options)

Step 2:- Let your little one see the Basket, Let him/her absorb all the things in there. 

Step3:- Take the Basket away from your child and add a new item, to it.

Step 4:- Ask him/her to Recognise the New item. 

Looks simple right? This will help your child to Boost the memory. To increase the complexity Add more than 3 items to the Basket.

B - Pictorial Sequence Game

Step 1:-  Take 4 Pictures of any Animals, Birds, Fruits, or any such thing your child loves.  

Step 2:-  Arrange all the pictures in a row according to a specific sequence.

Step3:- Ask the child to take a good look at the sequence for a few seconds, and take the pictures away.

Step4:- Give the pictures to your child and ask him/her to arrange it in the same manner as he/she saw it in the first place. 

This game will increase the retention power in addition to memory boosting. Again you can Increase complexity by increasing the number of pictures.

C- The shell game

As the name suggests, there is going to be something under the shell. Fun right? Let’s see what this game actually is!

Step1:- Place the 3 cups in front of the child.

Step2:- Take one small Item and place it inside one of the cups. Make the child observe it. 

Step3:- Slowly and steadily change the places of cups 2-3 times and ask the child to follow it. (The cup with the item) 

This will boost the observing power of the child. Increase the shuffles for Higher difficulty.

D - The one with the events.

This may be something fun and interesting.
Returning from an outing, trip, wedding function, garden trip, or some sort of event? 
Here’s a short game that will help your child express every sequence which took place in the event.

Step 1:- Take sketch pens/crayons, Hand them over and ask them to draw all the pictures of events that took place. 

           Example- We got ready at 10am
and sat in a car (draw image of a car on paper), we reached the wedding hall
(draw wedding stage), we ate lunch (draw food items) and so on.. 

Well, so very simple yet different activities can boost the memory of your child! Try these and see the incredible results. See you :))

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