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Don’t worry it is just not about you! We have received around 150 Questions stating – Why does my baby ask “why”? 
Well, you know the answer already, Why do you ask why? Because you are Curious and so is your child!

It can be very exhausting for parents to field the hundreds of “why” questions they get in a day.

The very simple answer to the question is Babies are born Curious!

As soon as our kids can get about by themselves, they are constantly encountering new things. In the toddler stage, they will reenact a lot of what they see us do, in order to try and figure things out.

However, as they grow and develop, they often can’t simply figure stuff out by copying what they’ve seen adults do or poking about. That’s when they turn to us. By asking a specific question they can get targeted information exactly when they need it. If they do not get the information that they need (this bit might sound familiar) then they will continue to ask more questions until they solve the problem in their head and can move on.

-Why is curiosity important?

By asking us specific questions, kids are gathering together information in order to further their knowledge and make sense of the world. The same goes for trying things out (and getting them wrong). Kids are gradually developing the key skills they need to further their knowledge and understanding.

By nurturing curiosity in kids now, we’re encouraging behaviors that can lead to great things in the future. 

-Random Questions we asked on Instagram to parents, to post asked by their child!

  • If Stars and moon are friends, who are friends with Sun?
  • Why is the letter “W” starts with D?
  • Why do I have two eyes if I only see one thing? 
  • Why is the moon called “Moon”?

I am very sure you can add a list to these questions! So to the next important question we go:-

-How do I stop my baby from asking why?

Instead of putting yourself in the position of why-answerer, try turning the tables. Become the why-asker! Ask your preschooler why they think it’s good to brush their teeth before bed.

So, Open-ended questions allow your child to do the thinking and develop critical-thinking skills, which are the foundation of learning. After all, they asked the thought-provoking questions in the first place, so help their noodle ponder the reasons why. If your child is a little older, you may ask if they want to look up the answer with you. Researching the answer together can leave your child feeling more empowered.

Moreover, A joyful moment is also a potential added bonus to turning the tables on the why-asker. Sometimes children will try to get the real reason why, but other times, they might settle for a silly reason, and their explanation will undoubtedly leave you both in stitches of laughter.

-Top 3 ways to answer to “WHY” !

  • Avoid saying “NO”
  • Sit and spend time answering the question!
  • Talk about relative subjects.

So take a deep breath and enjoy this process. This is it for today.
Happy Parenting  :))

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