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Do you as a child remember yourself enjoying your studies? Or for example, remember the subject you were weakest at ? Of course, many of us didn’t love maths? or history or learning a periodic table was a task unless our teachers gave us a fun way to learn it? 

Well, Right Brain Education is a totally different way. It’s Fun and easy and effortless. I am sure you might have heard about – Early  Education  –
 Early childhood Education (ECE) is the most researched topic in the current time. What a child learns in their early years are things that will continue to help them along in their future in school and in the real world.

Importance of Right Brain Education:-

Between the age of 0-6, 1 Million synaptic connections take place in the brain, if these connections are not strengthened they loosen out, resulting in very few connections.

Old myths state that the initial years of a child are meant for playing and having fun while being pampered. However, new research now shows that investing in the development of children during the period 0 to 5 years is very crucial, so as to turn them into well-balanced adults ready to take on the world.

The left Brain is in charge of 

  • Logical Reasoning,
  • Language abilities,
  • Short term memory,
  •  Consuming Limited Information,
  • It works Slow and in a  Methodical way,
  • Works under stressful situations, and requires focus.

The characteristics Of right brain are :- 

  • In charge of Emotions 
  • Creativity
  • Long term memory
  • Rapid Processing
  • Works when relaxed
  • Likes play and Movements.

This development of the Right brain enables the child to learn to increase their potential to intake, process, and release a larger amount of data at a faster speed than the left brain and its stimulation is extremely essential. It is known that children who have taken the right brain education in their early years tend to be more Confident and Positive in their life.

Children can do wonders. Many of the Children who are doing the BrainCells program can identify Scientists, Famous Badminton Players, Nobel-price Winners, can recognize Periodic table understand maths concepts and what not, The surprising thing is at the age of 2.5/3   :o.

Right brain development also has a fair Advantage in improving the grasping power of a child, which benefits them in other subjects at school too. Not for school but for life.  As important as academia is for children, the wonderful training of the right brain is what connects the circuits of the brain leading to wholesome development.

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What is Braincells and how will it help your child become extra-ordinary?

Brain cells is an Algorithmically programmed online learning app with 120+ types of activities for the Right brain, Physical development, Stem Experiments , Sensory development, and Memory boosting Language learning.  As our tagline says “A lifetime Confidence starts here ” 
The chart below explains all the activities we take into consideration. 

Learning is Augmenting

In a fast-paced world like ours, where technology and modes of learning are changing constantly, we need to understand if there is a right way of parenting in the online/ digital world. It is the early year’s education of a child that determines the path that he/she takes as he/she grows. Don’t you think then, that we should make a difference now?

However, in the middle of all this struggle to make a child become independent and kick start their learning, what is equally important for us is to also understand that at the end of the day, learning also needs to be about doing enjoyable stuff that they like to do, while at the same time spending time with them! It is not only about making them learn new things every single day but also about making the entire experience exciting. Something that they will look forward to!

With Braincells you need to invest just 5-10 minutes of the day and see the wonders happen. Our Application will make your child stand out in front of everyone. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and get yourself registered for our FREE Masterclass. 
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Chao! Happy  Parenting 🙂

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